When Can I Arrive / Have To Depart?

Earliest 2pm on arrival and no later than 12 noon on departure.

Can I Bring A Commercial Vehicle?

We do not permit commercial vehicles on the pitches. If you must come in one, it can be parked at the bottom car park.

Where Am I Going?

Our address is Marbury Camp and Lodge, Mount Pleasant, Hollyhurst Road, Marbury, Whitchurch, SY13 4LY.  If you just go to the post code, you will end up at Grange Farm (wedding venue), which is about a kilometre down the road.

We would therefore suggest following the Google Maps link below.


Hollyhurst Road does have passing places for caravans, but we would suggest that for ease of access you enter from the north, through the village of Wrenbury (CW5 8HG). You can also stop off at the small local village shop to stock up on supplies.

Where Do I Sign In?

We are only a small site so there is no formal signing in process. It’s all done before you arrive. Should you need us, just call 01948 50 22 50.

Otherwise, just get set up, feet up and a brew on.

What Pitch Am I On?

All pitches, whether for glamping, camping or caravans/motorhomes are through the gate and up the field.

The first pitches on your right are for glamping pods. We will let you know beforehand which pod you are staying in.

For campers, caravanners and motorhomers (not sure that’s a word), follow the road to the top of the site. Caravans and motorhomes to the right. Camping is in the field on the left of the road. Please maintain a 6m gap between all units.

At present we do not allocate pitches/pitch numbers. If you are in a tourer (caravan, motorhome, trailer tent or camper) please choose a free pitch in front of the loo block. If you’re camping, pick anywhere in the field to the left, across the road from the tourer pitches. We’re a tiny site, so if you ask us to pitch together with another family, we would simply recommend that you arrive early and see what spaces are available. We will send you a reminder of where you can pitch the day before you arrive by email.

Marbury Camp & Lodge Aerial View

Wet Weather

Our pitches are grass and so with heavy rain they can become soft and easily damaged if driven on. If the grass is particularly wet, please unload onto your pitch, then park your car by the front gate. Only one car can be parked on the pitch in any event If you would prefer to re-book to another date, please just let us know.

Facilities Block

The shower/toilet block is open all the time. There are two sides, each with 2 showers, toilets and sinks.

Can I Make Noise?

Reasonable noise at all times. Quiet after 10pm.


If booked, it’s a 6amp supply, so please limit the usage to of high wattage items (heaters, kettles, toasters, arc welders).


Please note that we operate a sewage treatment plant on site. Never put anything down the drain other than human waste and loo paper. No cleaning chemicals, molten butter (one camper actually did this), or anything else. For chemical toilet waste, please use the disposal point in front of the shower block.

BBQ / Fire Pits

Disposable BBQ’s and own fire pits are not permitted. We hire out fire pits and sell wood if you need. All BBQ’s fires must be at least 12 inches off the ground (so as to not burn the grass), supervised by adults at all times and extinguished after use.

If you wish to have a campfire on site, you must confirm acceptance of the following rules on your registration form; namely:

  1. You may only have fires in a fire pit approved by us
  2. At no time should the fire be left unattended and all children should be properly supervised
  3. Fires should be lit in cleared areas where there are no overhanging branches and minimal grass and scrub
  4. The campsite must be  safe distance from all property, vehicles, tents and any other camping equipment
  5. Highly flammable items such as gas cylinders and fuel canisters should not be allowed anywhere near the fire area
  6. Never use any kind of flammable liquid on a fire or in an attempt to start the fire
  7. Before starting a fire ensure there is a large bucket of water and a shovel nearby
  8. Put your campfire out with a good amount of water when you have finished with it. Do not use sand or dirt for this purpose instead
  9. Make sure the campfire is completely out before leaving
Road Safety

Max speed 5mph on site.

How many cars can I bring?

One car per pitch. No commercial . signwritten vans. Exceptionally, we can allow one more car to be parked in the bottom car park. 

Fire Safety

If the fire alarm is ever raised, please meet by the bottom gate and await instructions. Do not attempt to fight a fire yourself. Please note that when setting up your tent, caravan or motorhome, you must include a 6m gap between you and the next accommodation unit. There must also be a minimum distance of 3m between your vehicle and the next accommodation unit.

Anything Else / Point Of Contact

If you need anything else, please either respond to your booking message, or call/WhatsApp us on 01948 505520.

How Do I Pay My Balance

You will pay a deposit when you book. 14 days before arrival, you’ll receive an automatic reminder to settle the balance. If you booked via Pitchup, you don’t need to do anything; they will take the balance of the payment automatically. If you booked direct, please respond to our reminder with ‘take payment’ and we’ll use the card you used to book to settle the balance.

Can I Bring A Dog?

Dogs are permitted on site with campers, subject to being kept on a lead at all times save for when in the dog walking field. Dogs are not permitted in the pods.

I have an emergency; who can I call?